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Events 2002
Annual First Pressed Olives Produce Extraordinary Extra Virgin Olive Oil for 2002

February 28 - Connoisseurs of the finest fruit of the olive tree will soon be treated to Monini's fantastic il Monello "novello" (new production) for 2002. With a tip of the branch to the annual introduction of Beaujolais Nouveau, the initial crush of the season's first olives is also eagerly awaited by those with sophisticated palates. Within the next week, il Monello will be available from coast to coast in high-quality food emporiums and restaurants.Devoted consumers of il Monello annually await the new production, bottled in November and available only during the first few months of the year. They know that the oil obtained from the first olives of the season has deliciously complex attributes, a distinct aroma of green tomato and fresh grassy fruitiness and a taste that's appealingly sharp and pungent, definitely a flavor to savor. These traits result from both the way the fruit is crushed and the fact that the first ripe olives are used immediately after they're meticulously hand-picked. Il Monello's color resembles that of a deep green leaf accented by a warm, golden hue. It has a veiled aspect as it is bottled immediately after production without filtering or alteration. The product's unique qualities reminded many of the energy, spontaneity and vigor of a child, inspiring the name il monello, Italian for lively little rascal.Italy's climate and geographic location make it the ideal country for growing olives. Olive trees abounded in every region and Monello, with great care, picks the best olives in the country for its products. "This was an exceptional year for our olive crop," commented Marco Pertain, President Monini USA. "The climate this season, although not ideal for high quantity, proved absolutely perfect for quality. Our Il Monello, for 2002, is a superior product, definitely among the best we've ever produced."

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