BIOLBLENDED, a prize for the best blended oil , that is the finished (and hence also bottled) product marketed under a trademark which is not that of the producer but which nevertheless is of certain quality and origin

Monini Bios

Bios Monini:

1st prize Biolblended 2002.

After winning second place in 1999 in the same contest and after winning third place at Festambiente in 2001, finally in 2002 the 1st prize!

Acknowledgement of the years Monini has committed to producing extra virgin olive oil in an absolutely natural way, and a recognition of our absolute dedication to quality.

A prestigious award that can be defined as the "Oscar" for organic olive oils. Bios is produced only from organically grown olives.

Look for it wherever you buy olive oil and serve your family with confidence.


2008 Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

International / Italy - South Medium BIOS Organic Italy