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New York City, NY
October 30th, 2004 12-5pm
Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea

Over 1,000 guests for this culinary itinerary with food and wine tastings, organized by Food & Wine and Travel + Leisure in partnership with European Travel Commision presented by
American Express® Gold Card Events.

The event offered a showcase of Europe's rich bounty of food, flavors, wine and spirit, reginal cultures and charm. From appetizers to desserts, prominent chefs from all over the world lead a virtual tour of the European tables and culinary World Cup.

Close to others italian brands Monini offered a fresh oil taste with a selection of Orginale, Fruttato, OilBios, Monello and Amabile Umbro.

Monini North America, Inc. - 6 Armstrong Road - Shelton, CT 06484 - USA - Phone 1 (203) 513-2763 - Fax 1 (203) 513-2863