Dear Monini Olive Oil Friends;

Once again some great news from the Italian Market.

Monini Originale Extra Virgin 1 liter has been ranked AGAIN the # 1 SKU among all edible oils in the Italian Supermarket Industry.

A recent study done by IRI - Infoscan in Italy on the entire food grocery market has highlighted Monini Originale Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the BEST IN CLASS and 7th overall in sales among ALL grocery food items sold in supermarkets in Italy. The study indicates also that the best Carapelli item comes in 16th place, the Bertolli Gentile in 20th place. As you all know, both Colavita and Davinci brands although present in the US market are totally absent from the Italian olive oil market.

I am enclosing the official study done by IRI Italy. The report is self explanatory, and the column headers should be read as follows:

column 1: rank
column 2: top items food - grocery
column 3: value (in Euros)
column 4: value change vs. previous period (2006 jan - aug)
column 5: percentage of promotional influence on sales
column 6: weighted distribution (%)

Please use the above information to continue stressing Monini's committment to become an important brand in the US market while at the same time continuing to be recognized as a market leader in Italy.

Marco Petrini
President Monini North America, Inc.

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