665 Martinsville Rd
Martinsville, NJ 08836
Ph. (908) 647-3000

Executive Chef: Bruce Johnson


From the smoky wood flavors of seasonal appetizers and entrees, to the finely executed desserts, 3 West strives to keep customers coming back for more.



A spacious, high-ceilinged barroom is one of three dining rooms characterized by warm shades and textures of brick, copper and rich dark woods. The middle dining room, which incorporates mission touches like a tray ceiling crisscrossed with polished wood slats and light fixtures in the shape of drums lined with rice paper. One wall offers a glassed-in view of the kitchen, another sports wine bottles in beautiful wood cubbies, and a third is all brick with a small fireplace surrounded by a copper oven.
The wine cellar dining area which consists
of stonewalls and wine vaults surrounds an elegant mahogany table which accommodates up to fourteen guests.


A seasonal “New American Style” cuisine is as equally appealing as the surroundings. A combined perfume of wood smoke, charred meat and sizzling butter waft from the open kitchen as cool jazz emanates. The extensive boutique wine list, comprises smart choices and a wide-range of prices.

The home yet sophisticated style is the trademark of 3 West.